Dir. Liza Johnson
Feature Film
Dir. Liza Johnson
Feature Film
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Producers - Ben Howe, Noah Harlan, Liza Johnson
Production Company - 2.1 Films, Fork Films, Meredith Vieira Productions
Format - Film, Super 16mm


Theatrical Release, Spring 2012

Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes International Film Festival

Deauville Américan Film Festival


"The family lives in a drab, unidentified town of storage tanks and furniture outlets that Anne Etheridge’s camera studies with a merciless eye."
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"(…) Pic avoid such clichés as color-desaturated flashbacks to wartime trauma; instead, Anne Etheridge’s lensing nicely captures a built environment of carpet warehouses, light industrial units and storage facilities, the frame frequently crisscrossed by telephone poles and cables."

"The town’s fading beauty and deteriorating industry subtly reflect the decay of Kelli’s home life, though Etheridge made the bold choice to not utilize desaturated colors typical of an indie downer."
Hollywood Chicago

"There must be 100 moments in 'Return' in which director Liza Johnson and her actors could take condescending short cuts and slip into working-class stereotypes, but I didn't detect any slippage — only gifted performers disappearing into their characters (...) 'Return' is quiet and naturalistic, but its plainness is suffused with anguish (...) That lack of resolution, of a traditional story arc, is what makes the movie feel so real. It's what 'Return' doesn't do that has a lingering sting."
David Edelstein, NPR

"With its modest scale and sharp observations, writer-director Liza Johnson's first feature has the quiet impact of a short story."
Sheri Linden, LA Times

"There are no special effects, no gory close-ups, and no harrowing flashbacks, yet Liza Johnson’s debut feature-length, 'RETURN', may be one of the most thought-provoking war films in recent years."